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Anger Over Madonna Single Pop music: The Simon Wiesenthal Center is targeting the singer's use of an allegedly anti-Semitic biblical passage in a new version of her top-selling `Justify My Love' single.
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Los Angeles Times (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Los Angeles, Calif.
Author: Philips, Chuck
Date: Jan 4, 1991
Start Page: 1
Section: Calendar; PART-F; Entertainment Desk
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Florida anti-pornography crusader Jack Thompson-a born-again Christian activist currently engaged in a campaign to halt the sale of [Madonna]'s racy "Justify My Love" music video single-offers a different take on Madonna's biblical reading.

"All Madonna's doing here is reading Scripture written by Jews about a Jewish messiah," Thompson said Thursday. "Rabbi [Abraham Cooper]'s problem seems not to be with Madonna but with the Jewish Jesus, and the way I see it, he better figure out who Jesus is before what John is writing about happens. My problem with Madonna isn't what she relates from the Bible, it's what she relates from Hustler magazine to the small children who worship her."

Last summer, Catholic organizations in Rome and Turin demanded that Madonna's performances in Italy be banned on grounds that her show was "overflowing with vulgarity and blasphemy." Ticket sales dropped off, and Madonna canceled a second performance in Rome.

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