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BOOK REVIEW Still Treating the Debate on Cancer THE CANCER INDUSTRY: UNRAVELLING THE POLITICS by Ralph W. Moss Paragon House $21.95, 461 pages
[Home Edition]
Los Angeles Times (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Los Angeles, Calif.
Date: Jun 5, 1990
Start Page: 12
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[Ralph W. Moss] is a science writer who has spent 15 years studying cancer research and treatment. He believes that the conventional treatments-surgery, radiation and chemotherapy-largely do not work and that unconventional treatments-Laetrile, diet and vitamins, for example-are promising approaches that have been dismissed by the medical establishment.

The fact that this debate never ends is yet further proof of people's willingness to believe nonsense (not that there is any shortage of such evidence). Laetrile has been tested. And tested. And tested. And tested. The National Cancer Institute did a major nationwide study in the early 1980s and concluded that Laetrile is "ineffective as a treatment for cancer."

Yet the true believers, Moss among them, will not give up. The National Cancer Institute did not use real Laetrile, they say. The study was just a way to discredit Laetrile.

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