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The `Batman' Who Took On Rap Obscenity: Lawyer Jack Thompson put his practice on hold to concentrate on driving 2 Live Crew out of business. In Southern Florida, he is loved and loathed.
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Los Angeles Times (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Los Angeles, Calif.
Author: Philips, Chuck
Date: Jun 18, 1990
Start Page: 1
Section: Calendar; PART-F; Entertainment Desk
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Thompson's 1988 campaign tactics were called into question by the Miami Herald. At one rally, the Herald reported, Thompson handed [Janet Reno] a letter with a prepared statement, asking her to check the appropriate box: "I, Janet Reno, am a * homosexual, * bisexual, * heterosexual." The letter continued: "If you do not respond . . . by that date then you will be deemed to have checked one of the first two boxes." (Reno declined to comment.) Unlike Batman alter-ego Bruce Wayne, Thompson is no millionaire philanthropist. He is a "born-again" Christian and self-proclaimed "radical conservative Republican" who put his legal practice on hold 6 months ago to concentrate on driving Miami rap entrepreneur [Luther Campbell] and his 2 Live Crew out of business.

Michael Disney, the station's vice president and general manager, filed a complaint against Thompson the following year with the Florida Bar Assn. Thompson was accused of harassing WIOD-AM advertisers and [Neil Rogers]. Under a settlement reached in November, 1989, Thompson was barred from talking about or coming within 500 yards of the deejay.

"Her case touched my heart, because this woman's life and everyone it touched was shattered," Thompson says. "When I started researching the problem of sexual abuse, I found that one of the causes for it was obscenity, particularly obscenity that portrays people who are sexually abused as enjoying that abuse. . . . For me, that is what the disturbing component of this 2 Live Crew album is. . . . People are always looking for some hidden agenda for my actions, but this is what has motivated me. It's not a question of musical taste." The 1926 two-bedroom, two-bathroom stucco house Thompson has lived in with his wife since 1981 is furnished modestly, and includes some antique pieces he has restored himself.

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