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Depression Sets Champ on Archery Title Trail
Los Angeles Times (1923-Current File) - Los Angeles, Calif.
Author: Curnow, Jack
Date: Feb 2, 1943
Start Page: A9
Pages: 2
Abstract (Document Summary)

"There's about $200W000 jin and equipment sold annually." says [Ken Moore]. -and an- other $20n0000 in leather goods (finger gloves, arm guards and quivers.) The market has in. creased . con- tinted grow;h of the sport. There is no priority on archery equip- ment.

In winning the national title, Moore shot over the Pasadena course. Two rounds are fired and four arrows u.ced on each of the 28 targets ta total of 224 shots if your arithmetic isn't so good.) Best possible score is 1120 (same as a 300 in bowling.) Moore's average score in nabbing the title wa; 6RS2 with a high score of 11.

"It takes about two months. one-hour daily, to master the fun' damentals of archery." M o o r e says. "From then on it s a mat- ter of practice. perfecting the technique. I used to practice daily. now I fire at least once a week if business allows." he said.

Buy Complete Document: AbstractAbstract Article Image (PDF) Article Image (PDF)

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