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People in business
Lansing State Journal - Lansing, Mich.
Subjects: Appointments & personnel changes; Peer review; Green buildings; Executive committees; Customer services
Date: Sep 7, 2009
Start Page: n/a
Section: NEWS
Abstract (Document Summary)

David Jones, senior vice president in charge of business development and commercialization; and Jim Wynn, director of process development and integration. * Matt Groen has joined Lansing-based Michigan Cable Telecommunications Association as government affairs director. * Demphna Krikorian has joined Lansing-based Child & Family Services as director of fund development. * Laingsburg resident Thomas Schroeder has joined Stockbridge-based SSBBank as senior vice president, commercial loans. * John Gwillim has joined East Lansing-based, an electronic gift card company, as chief operations officer.

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