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American 'amphibious creature' dives right in
[Daily Edition]
Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Author: Chait, Heather
Date: Oct 8, 1995
Start Page: 12
Section: Sports
Abstract (Document Summary)

In Vienna, each of the four swimmers set Israeli records in the relay. Yoav Bruck's time in the freestyle was 49.67s, Vadim Alexsev swam the breastroke in 1:01.96, Eytan Orbach did the backstroke in 58.40s and [Dan Kutler] made 54.91s.

His preference for the relay over individual races is certainly not due to the language barriers. The team includes Alexsev, a Russian immigrant who cannot speak English and Israelis Bruck and Orbach whose English is not fluent. Although Kutler believes that "we can final in Atlanta," and is positive about Israeli culture which he views as "impatient, intense, insecure and passionate," his feet are actually firmly out of the pool when he considers his future.

Hapoel Sports Director Noam Zwi has helped Kutler adjust in Jerusalem, finding him a rented apartment in Kiryat Hayovel but practical-minded Kutler is also seeking private sponsorship.

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