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Ambassador Martin Indyk: The road taken
[Daily Edition]
Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Author: Makovsky, David||||||Kuttler, Hillel
Date: Mar 10, 1995
Start Page: 08
Section: Features
Abstract (Document Summary)

While noting the importance of peace with the Palestinians, [Martin Indyk] focuses on Damascus. "If there is to be a war between Arabs and Israel, that's where it will come from. The PLO doesn't have an army; Syria does," Indyk said as he packed up his White House office and rushed to join Secretary of State Warren Christopher on a trip to the region this week.

Indyk is not alone among US officials in favoring the trip to Damascus in particular, and movement on the Syrian track in general. He is joined by Dennis Ross, who has headed US peace efforts under both Bush and Clinton. Ross has been one of Indyk's closest friends since they were at the Washington Institute together in the mid-'80s.

Sources say that before [Clinton] assumed office, Indyk told him his first presidential term may witness four peace agreements between Israel and its neighbors. Two have already come about, and Indyk hopes to influence events so there will be no need for a sequel to The Road Not Taken.

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