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Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Author: Collins, Liat
Date: Jan 21, 1994
Start Page: 12.A
Section: News
Abstract (Document Summary)

Yediot Aharonot editor-in-chief Arnon Mozes, 40, one of the group's two directors, was placed in the second slot. Although Ma'ariv has a smaller circulation than rival Yediot, [Ofer Nimrodi] was put in the higher position for his role in leading the media war between the two groups and having complete ownership of the company, while Mozes faces an internal power struggle with his cousin and company CEO, Ze'ev Mozes (No. 6 on the list. )

In addition to a daily paper, Yediot owns a string of local papers, La'isha women's magazine ; 50% of Olam Ha'isha; the Rosh 1 youth magazine; partnerships in the New Channel 2's Reshet and the cable television company Arutzei Zahav; Nur poster advertising company; Telemesser phone message service; NMC records; and other journals.

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