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Author: Agursky, Mikhail
Date: Aug 15, 1991
Start Page: 06
Section: Opinion
Abstract (Document Summary)

It now has its own weekly, Politika, which is gaining popularity in the USSR, and which recently took an important step toward Israel by publishing an interview with our consul-general in Moscow, Arye Levin. This interview, which covers a full page, gives a very sympathetic description of Levin himself, who explains to its readers the enormous influence Russian culture has had in Israel, and Israel-Russia historical and cultural links.

IN THE same issue of [Politika], another interview appeared, one with the Iraqi ambassador in Moscow. While it contained the usual attacks on "international Zionism," it was clear to readers that the Iraqi ambassador was to be considered less persona grata than Levin. The Israeli consul-general's interview was published several pages before that of the ambassador, it contained his photograph, while the ambassador was left faceless, and the Iraqi interview was strictly political, unlike Levin's which was warm, personal and addressed to "the Russian heart."

The same issue of Politika carries, on the back page, a small article written by one Robert David denouncing Sakharov. The article is full of allegations that Sakharov was a harmful Zionist agent. Robert David is presented as an Israeli. His identity is well known. As Israel Shamir (Shmerling), he came to Israel in the late 1960s from Novosibirsk and soon became an extreme leftist.

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