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Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Author: Pearl Sheffy Gefen
Date: Apr 4, 1991
Start Page: 02
Section: Features
Abstract (Document Summary)

[IVAN REITMAN], their first born (two sisters would be born later in Canada), was four years old when his first adventure came along. He had been born in Komarno, on the border with Hungary. [Leslie Reitman] was a chemist running a vinegar factory when the Communists took over Czechoslovakia in 1948. His two businessman-brothers were promptly jailed and so was Leslie, but "there was nobody to manage the factory and they couldn't find a commissar who was both a good communist and a good chemist."

The astounding success of Ghostbusters inveigled Reitman into doing a sequel. "It {the sequel} came out in a tough summer with heavy competition, and it was probably too late for a sequel anyway, five years after the first. Many people liked it more than the first one, but it wasn't quite the same lightning rod. Still, Ghostbusters II grossed about $125 million just in North America and over $200 million worldwide, and that's still a lot of money."

Instead of repeating himself, Reitman cast [Arnold Schwarzenegger] in Kindergarten Cop. There will likely be something with [Danny DeVito] down along the line. [Robert Redford] is another actor Reitman would like to work with again: "He's a terrific actor, a gentleman and very smart, and the only trouble we had was he didn't really like working with Debra."

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