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Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Author: Levine, Angela
Date: May 4, 1990
Start Page: 12
Section: ARTS
Abstract (Document Summary)

Aside from large, free-standing works, [Dov Feigin] also shows small maquettes for various projects, some never realized. One of these, in wood and board painted red, is the preparatory model for "Homage to the Clandestine Military Industries", an 8-metre high memorial sculpture, expressing, in abstract terms, the concept of a missile under tension before launching. This work was installed a few weeks ago in Gan Hata'as, Givatayim, to mark the site where weaponry was originally manufactured for the Hagana. Closing an historic circle, Feigin's design, was carried out, as a gift to the city of Givatayim, by Israel Defence Industries. (Beersheba Museum of Israeli Art). Till June 1.

This is a mixed group. Some work is extremely promising, but other weak or dull efforts fall well below the high standard set by the best. Dina Hoffman, a teacher at the Visual Arts Centre, produces some piquant decorative effects in black and white paintings-cum-collages by flattening traditional still-life groups into patterned silhouettes. This linear approach is paralleled, to some extent, in Gil Goren's small-scale sculptures which combine a variety of materials and objects (plaster, iron, glass and growing plants) in zany set-pieces which are aesthetically pleasing, but whose meaning is incomprehensible. Icho Rimmer (a lecturer at the Visual Arts Centre and at Ben Gurion University) has perfected his own Negev style of painting. He uses oils in desert colours to build up, in overlapping planes, primeval landscapes populated by both stylized and realistic figures. Among recurring images are references to local archaeological finds (rock art, Chalcolithic figurines) and serial depictions of running male nudes. Rimmer's scenario suggests, quite convincingly, the passage of history and also, perhaps, the idea of continuity of successive generations in the same region.

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