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Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Author: Goldberg, Andy
Date: Apr 7, 1989
Start Page: 05
Section: Features
Abstract (Document Summary)

Apart from her looks, [MADONNA] is also possessed of a sharp, sharp mind and, more importantly, an astonishing ability to set trends. It was Madonna who popularized the belly-button, appearing since the start of her career in shirts which just managed to reach below her breasts, allowing her to parade her swinging stomach with all the aplomb of a Bahranian belly-dancer.

MUSICALLY, Madonna appears to have finally fallen under the spell of her male counterpart, that other icon of Eighties pop: Prince. The two team up for a typically Princian duet, "Love Song," but the Minneapolis midget's influence is everywhere on the album. Even on "Till Death," her delivery is less the cut-and-thrust phrasing of the disco-queen and more the understated, half-spoken singing that has become one of Prince's trademarks.

"Cherish" takes Madonna back to her old stomping grounds, the lively bass line and lilting melodies of hit albums past. "Dear Jessie" is a different story entirely. For the first time ever, Madonna gets psychedelic - pink elephants, rainbows and "leprechauns floating by" forming the landscape of this gentle, soothing lullaby.

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