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Egypt may help prevent Gaza smuggling, but only on its own terms
Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Author: Katz, Yaakov
Date: Jan 15, 2009
Start Page: 2
Section: News
Abstract (Document Summary)

Egypt is in a unique position because it enjoys diplomatic ties with both Israel and Hamas. [Omar Suleiman], believed to be the second-most-powerful person in Egypt and a potential successor to the 80-year-old [Hosni Mubarak], has been entrusted with the "Israeli file." His main interlocutor on the Israeli side is Amos Gilad, head of the Defense Ministry's Diplomatic-Security Bureau.

Israel and Egypt do not see completely eye-to-eye on how to stop the smuggling. Ideally, Israel would like to see the deployment of a multinational force on the Egyptian side of Rafah to assist the Egyptians in detecting and destroying the tunnels.

Following Israel's withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, Egypt was permitted - in line with the Camp David Treaty - to deploy 750 policemen along the border with Gaza to be used to locate and destroy Hamas weapons-smuggling tunnels.

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