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When too Right is not right for the Right
Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Author: Hoffman, Gil
Date: Dec 10, 2008
Start Page: 1
Section: News
Abstract (Document Summary)

As evidence, the media pointed to the election of activist Moshe Feiglin to a realistic slot on the list, the placement of hawks Gideon Sa'ar, Gilad Erdan, Reuven Rivlin and Bennie Begin in the party's top five, the return of former Likud rebels Michael Ratzon, Ayoub Kara and Ehud Yatom, and the poor showing of doves Dan Meridor, Asaf Hefetz and Uzi Dayan.

Meet World Likud chairman Danny Danon, who ran against Binyamin Netanyahu for Likud leader two years ago and defeated Netanyahu-backed basketball star Tal Brody for the 26th slot on the list. His English Web site boasts that "Danny has dedicated his life to securing the future of Israel by leading the campaign to keep all parts of biblical Israel."

Perhaps Feiglin succeeded too well for his own good and the good of the Land of Israel he aims to defend. The right-wing image that he and his victorious candidates have given the Likud could scare back to Kadima centrist voters who would have voted Likud had Dayan been on the list in place of Yatom and if Meridor were in the top 10.

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