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Defying boycott pressure, Japan's Murakami heads to Israel to accept Jerusalem Prize
Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Author: Linde, Steve
Date: Feb 13, 2009
Start Page: 4
Section: News
Abstract (Document Summary)

"Yes, he's coming," a spokeswoman for the 24th Jerusalem International Book Fair told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday. "He's due in overnight, and he will receive the prize on Sunday."

"We ask you to seriously reconsider the social and political significance of a world-famous author such as yourself participating in the book fair, which is fully supported by the Foreign Ministry of Israel and the City of Jerusalem," the letter states. "We would humbly ask you to consider the effects your receipt of the 'Jerusalem Prize' would have, what sort of message the world would receive in this Middle East situation, what kind of propaganda value it could have to Israel and the possibility of aggravating the critical situation Palestinians are facing."

"[Haruki Murakami] is the best-known and most beloved Japanese author in the West," it said. "His work interweaves Japanese culture with contemporary Western culture in a unique fashion."

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