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Olmert, bitter but dignified, says he'll quit. PM announces he will step down after Kadima elects new leader in September
Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Author: Hoffman, Gil||||||AP
Date: Jul 31, 2008
Start Page: 1
Section: News
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"He didn't want to humiliate himself by waiting until the last minute as some people thought he would," an [Ehud Olmert] associate said. "He is the most realistic person in the world. He didn't want to look like he cared only about himself by staying as long as possible. He decided he wanted to play the responsible adult."

"As a citizen in a democratic state, I have always believed that when a person is elected prime minister in Israel, even those who opposed him in the ballot box would want him to succeed," Olmert said. "But instead of enjoying this basic level of faith, I found myself, immediately upon being elected, subjected to a wave of investigations, probes and criticism. Almost from my first day in the Prime Minister's Office, I was forced to repel personal attacks, even as I was busy taking fateful decisions regarding Israel's security and existence."

"It was not a simple decision for Olmert, but it's the right one," [Tzipi Livni] said. "[Kadima] must take action to ensure that its unity is maintained in the election process so we can continue leading Israel."

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