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This is your mind on... binaural beats
Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Author: Shamah, David
Date: Aug 19, 2008
Start Page: 18
Section: Economics
Abstract (Document Summary)

The second question is, of course, Does this work? It's one thing to use binaural beats in a university lab for research, administered by people who know what they are doing, and another altogether to slap together an "aural drug" for use by thrill-seekers. And since most of the i- Doser doses cost real money, I wasn't about to plunk down cash to find out. Opinions in the blogosphere appear to be mixed, with some praising i-Doser for changing their lives, and others calling it an outright "fraud and rip-off."

I don't know if these are a rip-off of the i-Doser files, but the i-Doser FAQ says that "I-Doser uses a linked DLL based on SBaGen as its binaural beat engine," and that "until June 2007, I-Doser was distributed in violation of SbaGen's license," when an agreement was worked out with the owner of the open-source code. So, maybe those files' release are part of the settlement with SbaGen.

There is also an on-line site (run by an Israeli fellow) called i-Dose ( - no relation to i-Doser - that has tracks more in-line with the therapeutic credo of most binaural beat researchers. (The SbaGen site says that despite the author's settlement with i-Doser, this does not mean that he "approves of I-Doser's use of high-amplitude binaural beats to attempt to emulate the effects of recreational drugs - not in any way. There are very many positive benefits that can be gained through subtle use of binaural beats.") The i-Doser site has on- line tracks with names like Relaxation, Super-Brain, Focus, Mirage ("Helps with art & creative activities"), Coffee Break and others.

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