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Trouble in paradise
Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Author: Ovadia, Wendy
Date: Apr 4, 2008
Start Page: 46
Section: Features
Abstract (Document Summary)

The snake catcher was optimistic and assured me he would catch the snake in his teeth if need be, and for a mere NIS 450 my problem would be solved. He also said I had to pay even if he didn't catch the snake, but gave me a guarantee that if he didn't catch it, he would come back another time and try again. I thought, yeah, right! He will go back to town and I will be stuck with my snake, minus NIS 450, not to mention having a husband who will say "I told you so" forever.

At 10 I went to the reptile observation center and discovered our pet viper taking a sunbath under some leaves. At once I called Itay, the snake catcher. He said he had a scooter and would get there as soon as he could, and I should keep an eye on the snake to ensure it didn't leave the area. I had to walk the dog but wasn't worried since it was early and the snake usually sunbathed until about two in the same spot (or until my husband tried to catch it).

Itay searched and searched. He emptied the shed of its contents and checked each bag, box and blanket for evidence of a snake. (This alone was worth NIS 450!) He searched the jasmine, and after three long and difficult hours he finally laid eyes on the snake. I was ecstatic; he saw it too! We took a lunch break and soon resumed our stations; I searched the grass so the snake would not get away, and Itay crawled into the jasmine, not unlike a snake himself, the way he entered.

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