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Young and Jewish on the Web
[Billboard Edition]
Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Author: Jacobson, Ben
Date: Oct 19, 2007
Start Page: 06
Section: Arts
Abstract (Document Summary)

To celebrate the launch of the site, [Safar] has booked not one but four venues across the world, with over 40 live acts scheduled to perform. For now, local fans of edgy spirituality can check out the Israeli Shemspeed launch party this Thursday at Hamaabada in Jerusalem. Here, staples of the Israeli live Jewish rock scene like Aharit Hayamim, Yood and Hamakor are scheduled to be joined by secular Israeli funk-masters Coolooloosh, original Holy City rapper Sagol 59 and many others - including a surprise superstar ("I cannot disclose who," says Safar).

"It's been crazy, since I am already swamped with Y- Love's official This is Babylon release and putting together this year's Sephardic Music Festival for Hanukka," says Safar of the four- pronged launch. "Luckily I have good help in all the countries." But the barrage of launches, projects and releases never ends for Safar, who is already hard at work putting together more official Shemspeed- sponsored live music events, including a downtown New York open mic night for November 8, set to be hosted by Blue Fringe front man Dov Rosenblatt.

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