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Just say 'Noy' thank you
[Daily Edition]
Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Author: Jacobson, Ben
Date: Nov 23, 2006
Start Page: 24
Section: Arts
Abstract (Document Summary)

Take boy-band visionaries Lou Pearlman (the man responsible for the Backstreet Boys and NSync) and Maurice Starr (New Edition and New Kids on the Block), add a bit of Torah and you'll get Eli Gerstner. A producer, composer and vocalist, Gerstner is the mastermind behind religious pop sensations Yosis Orchestra, Chevra, the Yeshiva Boys Choir and several solo projects. The name of Tek- Noy, Gerstner's latest project, is a Yiddish-sounding mispronunciation of "techno."

That's right - this is a Hassidic pop album anchored by dance club beats, which Gerstner recorded in Brooklyn and has described as his best work to date. Tek-Noy's core vocal trio is made up of Gerstner, Chevra choreographer Yossi Sharf and Yeshiva Boys Choir co-founder Yossi Newman, each of whom receives his own glamour shot (complete with black suits and felt kippot) in the disc's liner notes.

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