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Lone soldiers' benefits said to keep parents from making aliya
[Daily Edition]
Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Author: Gorshkov, Boris N
Date: Apr 20, 2007
Start Page: 06
Section: News
Abstract (Document Summary)

Absorption Minister Ze'ev Boim has promised to look into complaints about the system of providing benefits to lone soldiers after reports that some of the soldiers' parents are delaying immigrating to Israel themselves to prevent their children in the IDF from losing those benefits.

Alexander Hefetz, a Moscow resident whose son, Leonid, serves in the IDF, has contemplated immigrating to Israel but doesn't want to put the benefits Leonid receives as a lone soldier at risk.

Among the parents Boim met in Russia was Hefetz, who raised the question of lone soldiers losing benefits. "It [has become] a real problem for many parents," he said. "In all honesty, I think it's a travesty. [Lone soldiers] should keep benefits for some time, at least so parents can make aliya," Hefetz said.

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