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Author: Etgar Lefkovits||||||Krieger, Matthew||||||Keinon, Herb
Date: Jul 31, 2007
Start Page: 04
Section: News
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Shimon Stein, Israel's long-serving ambassador to Berlin, will finally be able to come home, after the Foreign Ministry's appointments committee named Yoram [Ben-Zeev] as his replacement on Monday. Stein has been Israel's ambassador to Germany since 2001, and his tenure was extended after the Foreign Ministry was unable to agree on a new candidate.

The price of gasoline will fall Tuesday at midnight, the National Infrastructure Ministry said on Monday. The new prices will be NIS 6.04 for a liter of 95-octane unleaded gasoline and NIS 6.06 for a liter of 96-octane gasoline. In June, a liter of 95- octane cost consumers NIS 6.17, while a liter of 96-octane cost NIS 6.19.

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