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Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Date: Jan 7, 2007
Start Page: 24
Section: Arts
Abstract (Document Summary)

The PBS documentary Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century: The Resurgence will discomfit viewers of all stripes. Airing Monday on public television stations across the United States, the film will annoy those who believe that rising anti-Semitism is a myth fueled by Jewish paranoia and self-serving Jewish defense agencies.

Considerable airtime is given to New York University professor Tony Judt, often denounced for his harsh criticism of Israel. In this program, however, he limits himself mainly to exploring the growing influence of Muslim immigration on Europe. Former Israeli government minister Natan Sharansky and the American Jewish Committee's David Harris effectively lay out the Jewish role in the fight against anti-Semitism.

The Protocols, a Czarist forgery of the early 1900s, has proven particularly useful to Muslim presidents and clerics to rationalize how the "inferior" Jews of Israel could repeatedly outfight proud Arab nations. While the Arabs have never gotten over their defeat in the Six Day War, their humiliation is lessened if they can believe that they were beaten by the cosmic evil power portrayed in The Protocols.

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