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British magazine buys olive trees 'in Palestine' for new subscribers
[Daily Edition]
Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Author: JONNY PAUL, Jerusalem Post correspondent
Date: Oct 16, 2006
Start Page: 05
Section: News
Abstract (Document Summary)

LONDON - The New Statesman, a respected weekly current affairs magazine, is offering readers the chance to sponsor "the planting of three new olive trees in Palestine," as incentive to take out a subscription to the magazine.

"Your front cover must be one of the most offensive images I have seen. It gathers together a symbol of Jewishness (not of Israel), conspiracy and wealth in ways candidly redolent of the extreme Right. I have read - agreed and disagreed with - the New Statesman for 40 years. I never thought I would come to regard it as anti-Semitic. But I do today," he stated.

In his apology, former editor Peter Wilby said: "We (or more precisely, I) got it wrong. The cover was not intended to be anti- Semitic; the New Statesman is vigorously opposed to racism in all its forms... we shall try to present our views with greater sensitivity."

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