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Mozart unites nations
[Daily Edition]
Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Author: Messer, Tova
Date: Dec 26, 2005
Start Page: 24
Section: Arts
Abstract (Document Summary)

In an interview prior to the concert, Israeli soloist [Karin Shifrin] suggested that Mozart's vibrant compositions naturally draw out message of peace and coexistence. His music is transparent, she commented, one can neither hide anything in it, nor superimpose anything on it. These qualities of authenticity and vitality are befitting a concert in Israel - a country not of niceties or subtlety, but of raw emotion and political fire. Knowing the performance is meant to convey this pivotal message gave both Shifrin and her fellow performers an even greater drive to excel.

When asked to comment on the relationship among Jews, Italians and Muslims, Shifrin said she believes Jews and Italians share a sense of openness and compatibility. Regarding Jews and Muslims she remarked, "Its like a dispute between brothers...When [Dima Bawab] [a Palestinian soloist] and I sing together, our voices are confluent." The conflict, she says, is "floating above us - but once you concentrate on the music, everything else disappears."

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