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The nutty professors: worrying times for the academic study of Israel
[Daily Edition]
Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Date: Sep 12, 2002
Start Page: 09
Section: Opinion
Abstract (Document Summary)

The first lies through the staffing of quasi- government research bodies that fund the majority of research in the UK through competitive solicited and unsolicited rounds of research proposals. Here the awarding bodies are crammed full of Arabists (of UK and Arab origin) who are reluctant to fund any Israel project that does not include a degree of Israel-bashing in the proposal.

The current concentration on attempts by these Arabists to secure an academic boycott of Israel has tended to distract attention from worrying tendencies among some Israeli scholars - particularly the left-wing-dominated Israeli expat academic community.

In short, some Israeli professors appear to regard the study of Israel as being for Israelis only. This latent form of racism is becoming rife in some institutions, where Israel scholars clearly fear for their positions in light of the threat of an academic boycott against Israel.

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