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Guitar classics tinged with flamenco, jazz and blues
[Magazine Edition]
Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Author: Davis, Barry
Date: Nov 23, 2001
Start Page: 25
Section: Arts
Abstract (Document Summary)

"But I also love flamenco guitar and jazz and blues. Whenever I tried to extend the territory covered by the festival I ran into hostile and angry responses from the classical guitar crowd. Dalia Kahalani and Eli Marcus helped me to vary the festival program,"[Giora Naor] says.

Kahalani is chairwoman of the non-profit organization which runs the festival and is also a classical guitar teacher. "She's crazy about all the non-classical stuff," Naor says. "She pulled out all the stops to get flamenco music into the festival, as well as jazz and blues. Eli added much support for the inclusion of blues."

This year's festival program includes a two-set evening of blues called "Blues into the Night," featuring a quartet led by veteran vocalist and harmonica player Dov Hammer, with Marcus fronting a quintet on vocals, and guitar. Toronto-born Marcus is understandably delighted with the festival's bluesy element.

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