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IDF vows to catch Hebron baby-killer
[Daily Edition]
Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Date: Mar 28, 2001
Start Page: 02
Section: News
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The details emerged yesterday after experts concluded their examination. The same sniper then fired two or three more bullets, hitting Shalhevet and her father Yitzhak. [Noam Tivon] called on members of the Jewish community to maintain restraint and not take the law into their own hands, saying, "I promise we will lay our hands on the murderer." Jewish residents warned that if the army failed to retake the Abu Sneneh neighborhood they would do it themselves. No date has been set for Shalhevet's funeral, which was postponed in accordance with the wishes of the family, which has pledged to delay it until the IDF retakes the Palestinian neighborhood.

Cardboard cartons were among the debris piled on the road outside the stores of the wholesale market next to the Avraham Avinu quarter. Jewish youths broken into one of the shops and set up a memorial room in Shalhevet's name, after receiving permission from Tivon. The youths swept the floor and wrote verses from Psalms on one wall, and Shalhevet's name on the wall opposite. When the group attempted to break into other stores, the army and police moved in, a fracas ensued, tempers ran high, and several Jewish residents began to take out their frustration on the reporters and photographers present.

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