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Eitam quits IDF; seen heading for politics
[Daily Edition]
Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Author: O'Sullivan, Arieh
Date: Dec 27, 2000
Start Page: 02
Section: News
Abstract (Document Summary)

The IDF Spokesman said last night that [Effi Eitam] had announced his intention to quit immediately, giving up his right to a final nine- month leave, and would muster out this morning. Eitam himself could not be reached for comment.

Eitam's military career was stunted for about five years due to his involvement in the fatal beating of a Palestinian during the early days of the intifada. He was a Givati commander in February 1988, when he was heard over the radio ordering his troops to use clubs to break the bones of two Gazan rioters. One of the two died from the beating. The incident occurred at the time then defense minister Yitzhak Rabin told the army to break the bones of Palestinian rioters.

Eitam waited and was finally promoted during Ehud Barak's term as chief of General Staff. During his military career, Eitam became religious and was one of the few generals who wore a kippa.

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