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Los Angeles mother: 'No place is safe'
Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Date: Aug 12, 1999
Start Page: 04
Section: News
Abstract (Document Summary)

LOS ANGELES - Tuesday was a beautiful day at the North Valley Jewish Community Center, and The Los Angeles Times drew a picture of the setting.

Robert Eshman, managing editor of the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, put it even more graphically: "A Jewish community center in the summer is alive with noisy kids, enthusiastic young counselors, and hovering older staff. It smells of sunscreen and pizza. Parents and staff come and go, waving as they tug their over- excited children through the ruckus.

"I know this, because at the time of the shooting at the North Valley, my boy, aged six, was at his day camp across town at the Westside JCC. We parents find thousands of things to worry about in any given day. It never occurred to me to worry about him at the JCC.

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