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These chicks have got to grow
Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Author: Ury Eppstein, Michael Ajzenstadt
Date: Jun 13, 1999
Start Page: 08
Section: Arts
Abstract (Document Summary)

The original Tarnegolim in the 60s were one of the most exciting things that ever happened to Israeli pop. They brought us some of the greatest hits of all times like "The Neighborhood Song," "Everything's Gold," "My Great Kid Yossi," and many others. Each song was a mini- masterpiece of its genre.

For over 30 years, Tarnegolim's legendary founder and creator, Naomi Polani, searched for the right group to replace the originals who included Yehoram Gaon, Shaike, Poli and Gavri (Hagashash Hahiver) and Hanan Goldblat.

She found the septet of her dreams (with the identical very Israeli/Jewish musical accompaniment of accordion and clarinet) and worked with them for about 18 months to create the Tarnegolim comeback, with mixed results.

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