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Taking after mom
[Daily Edition]
Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Author: Hauser, Emily
Date: Jun 21, 1998
Start Page: 07
Section: Arts
Abstract (Document Summary)

It is not surprising that Naomi Shemer has a musical son. What is at least a little surprising, though, is how far Ariel Horowitz falls from the collective, nationalistic genre epitomized by his mother's best-known classic, "Yerushalayim shel Zahav" ("Jerusalem of Gold").

Contrast "Yerushalyim shel Zahav" with "Sigal Nahmias," Horowitz's song about being called up for reserve duty: "A registered letter arrived from you/ you shamelessly called me 'dear,'" he sings, "...God agreed to give me only so many days/and Sigal Nahmias has already/ taken thirty/ Who are you and what are you?"

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