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Organ donor club: If you'd give, you'll get
In LifeSharers, those who pledge to donate have first priority if they need a transplant
Indianapolis Star - Indianapolis, Ind.
Subjects: Transplants & implants; Blood & organ donations; Drivers licenses
Author: Rudavsky, Shari
Date: Mar 2, 2008
Start Page: A.1
Section: NEWS
Abstract (Document Summary)

Why shouldn't organ donors be given priority over non-donors in the complicated calculus of who lives and who dies? "It impresses me as a more fair allocation of a scarce resource," said Emerson, a 53-year-old Indianapolis attorney who had already committed to donating his organs before he joined LifeSharers. According to a statement on the LifeSharers Web site, although UNOS does not endorse LifeSharers' principles, it allows donors to designate who gets their organ.

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