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Johnson County election results
Indianapolis Star - Indianapolis, Ind.
Subjects: Municipal government; Councils; Cities
Date: Nov 7, 2007
Start Page: B.3
Abstract (Document Summary)

74 of 74 precincts Bargersville clerk-treasurer Carla D. Roy (R) 319 Bargersville Town Council, at large (3) David W. Allard (R) 105 David B. Eger (I)110 Robert "Bob" Gyorkos (R) 142 Cynthia M. "Cindy" Jarvis (R) 239 Edward E. Gayheart (D) 40 Todd R. Bertram (I) 144 John D. Combs (I) 122 James "Jimmy" Inabnitt (I) 168 John E. Scott (I) 121 Steve Welch (I) 176 Edinburgh clerk-treasurer Judith D. Burton (R)280 Jackie L. Smith (I) 526 Edinburgh Town Council, at large (3) William R. Davis (R)376 Gary N. Estes (R)169 Greg Stinson (R)371 Ronald W. Hoffman (I)427 Curtis Rooks (I)479 Jeff Simpson (I)406 Franklin mayor Brenda Jones-Matthews (R)1,803 Fred L. Paris (I)1,897 Franklin clerk-treasurer Janet Padgett Alexander (R)2,969 Franklin city judge Robert D. Schafstall (R)2,969 Franklin City Council District 1 Joseph R. Ault (R)436 Franklin City Council District 2 Ann Gordon (R)613 Franklin City Council District 3 Carl Brewster (D)368 William Ted Murphy (R)785 Franklin City Council District 4 Ken Austin (R)510 Franklin City Council District 5 Joe Abban (R)455 Franklin City Council, at large (2) Richard C. Martin (D)1,430 Stephen D. Hougland (R)2,431 Craig D. Wells (R)2,413 Greenwood mayor Charles E. Henderson (R)3,320 David Payne (I)3,209 Greenwood clerk-treasurer Jeannine Myers (R)5,499 Greenwood City Court judge Lewis J. Gregory (R)5,331 Greenwood Common Council, at large (2) Brent Corey (R)4,649 Tim W. McLaughlin (R)4,596 Amber Malcomb (D)2,129 Greenwood Common Council District 1 John M. Gibson (R)702 Valerie Sperka (D)473 Greenwood Common Council District 2 Ron Deer (R)1,337 Greenwood Common Council District 3 Bruce Armstrong (R)1,177 Greenwood Common Council District 4 Ronald "Ron" Bates (R)980 Greenwood Common Council District 5 Monica J. Magna-Rees (R)767 Duane O'Neal (D)417 Prince's Lakes clerk-treasurer Deborah S. Workman (R)198 Prince's Lakes Town Council, at large (vote for 5) James W. Adams (R)182 Charlie Bourne (R)151 Peter Ketchum (R)182 Lorri M. McCall (R)175 Lynn Simms (R)176 Layman Boyd (I)167 Trafalgar clerk-treasurer Kellie L. Anderson (R)81 Deborah "Deb" Stinson (I)29 Trafalgar Town Council, at large (5) Floyd "Coy" Adams (R)89 Mike Anderson (R)88 Max E. Knapp (R)89 Tony V. Napier (R)63 Kevin M. Walker (D)72 Whiteland clerk-treasurer Michelle R. Gabehart (R)410 Whiteland Town Council, at large (2) Steven Ed Tichenor (R)343 Alan Ray Whitaker (R)299 Christopher Hadley (I)242 Whiteland Town Council Ward 1 David A. Kelsay (R)379 Whiteland Town Council Ward 2 Julie L. Dwire (R)412 Whiteland Town Council Ward 3 Roger Ford (R)365

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