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Galyan's expansion drive has stalled
Analysts say plans for chain may have to wait as its corporate owner deals with its own slump.
Indianapolis Star - Indianapolis, Ind.
Subjects: Sporting goods; Retailing industry; Fishing equipment; House brands
Date: Feb 16, 1997
Start Page: E.1
Abstract (Document Summary)

No more locations have been announced, despite earlier predictions of 1997 moves into markets such as Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. Meanwhile, sporting-goods retailers in Galyan's league - Chicago's Sportmart Inc., Houston's Oshman's Sporting Goods Inc., and others - are dropping stores by the hundreds, hit by slack sales and tough competition. Some analysts say that Wexner is carefully biding his time, waiting for the sporting goods industry to finish with its shakeout and studying just the right markets for potential Galyan's expansion.

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