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Real Estate Transfers
Transfer fee and purchase price
Herald Times Reporter - Manitowoc, Wis.
Subjects: Studies; Real estate
Date: Nov 11, 2012
Start Page: n/a
Section: Records
Abstract (Document Summary)

OCT. 29 * Eric C. Bauer and Rachel E. Bauer to Garret Wachowski and Jennifer Wachowski, $394.50 * Lucille M. Bergner to Wilfred S. Bounds Jr. and Bonnie J. Bounds, $327.90 * Jeremy S. Jacobs to Jeremy J. Lehman and Laura M. Lehman, $427.50 * Joseph R. Mueller and Hannah M. Mueller to Joshua H. Mikkelsen, $207 OCT. 30 * Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Robert J. Kohlmann and Marlo L. Kohlmann * Joseph A. Ferlo to Mary J. Bechle and Roy A. Williams, $249 * Roger J. Lodel to Town of Kossuth * James M. Dekanich and Deborah S. Dekanich to David M. Martiny and Barbara S. Martiny, $359.70 OCT. 31 * Associated Bank NA to John C. Paulus, $155.70 * Charles M. Schroeder to Michel J. Rausch, $324 * Alan A. Spearbraker to Hermelinda Hernandez, $96 * Stanley A. Junk and Mary Kay Junk to James T. Murphy, $189 NOV. 1 * Diamond Investments LLC to Jeffrey G. Tulach and Cathi L. Tulach, $390 * Diane L. Ohearn and James P. Ohearn to Brian Engelbrecht and Linda Engelbrecht, $270 * David James Pech to David J. Pech and Cynthia A. Pech * Sylvia J. Ploeckelman to Nichols DC Development LLC and DC Nichols Development LLC, $108 NOV. 2 * EH Pooled 411 LP to Rick Properties LLC * Kathleen Sherer-Ferry and Daniel Scherer by Atty-In-Fact to Eugene R. Cox and Stacey L. Cox, $203.70 * Gordon W. Strauss and Charlene S. Strauss to Clarence C. Hettmann, $465 * Secretary of Housing and Urban Development * Terry S. Casavant and Kathryn L. Casavant to Dale L. Koch and Sandra K. Koch, $150 ID_Code: U0-311110092

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