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Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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Businesses were shut for big baseball game
[Final Edition]
The Guelph Mercury - Guelph, Ont.
Date: Mar 26, 2002
Start Page: S.26
Section: News
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The odds were then down to 4, but the fifth innings scored 6 for Woodstock and only 2 for Guelph, leaving a majority of 8 in favour of the former, which they maintained until the close of the game. In the sixth innings Woodstock scored 1 and Guelph 2. This was one of the most exciting innings of the contest. One of the Woodstock men had been called out on a 'foul', while Goldie, on the long left field, caught the ball on the fly. Returning it he succeeded in getting out the men making for the first and second bases.

"At 1:30 p.m., the contest commenced, Woodstock taking the bat. William Shuttleworth, of the Maple Leaf Club, Hamilton, acted as umpire. In the first innings, Woodstock scored 6 and Guelph 2. In this innings S. Wilson broke his bat, and was 'at sea' throughout the afternoon in consequence. J. McKay sent the ball through the windows of the Agricultural Hall, causing a crash of glass. Woodstock, in the second innings succeeded in scoring 5 - the Maple Leaf club 8. The play of both clubs now began to manifest itself, it being remarked that the fielding of Guelph was superior to the Young Canadians, and the interest and excitement on both sides running high.

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