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Come from Behind After Pittsburg Gets Three Tallies Lead in Starter, Tie Up and Go By, and Are All But Nipped in Ninth, on Fine Rally By Their Foemen. MULLIN PITCHES HIS SECOND VICTORY INSIDE THREE DAYS Save in Two Innings, Pirates Find it Impossible to Do Anything With Him--Three Tiges Injured In a Ninth Inning that Is Full of Thrilling Plays. DETROIT.
Detroit Free Press (1858-1922) - Detroit, Mich.
Author: Jackson, Joe
Date: Oct 15, 1909
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Pages: 2
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Pitching his second game in three days, in weather a little better than that of Tuesday, but still far from favorable for a finger's arm, George Mullin yesterday piloted the Tiges to a victory that was entirely necessary to keep them in the world's series. The score was 5 to 4, Detroit on top, making it an even break in the games to date, and the contest was the most exciting of any of the six played thus far. It was a game on which there was plenty of hitting on both sides, enough loose play to make anything possible, and a ninth inning on...

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