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Kwame Kilpatrick public corruption trial highlights
Detroit Free Press - Detroit, Mich.
Subjects: Litigation
Date: Oct 20, 2012
Start Page: n/a
Section: Metro
Abstract (Document Summary)

* Renee Newsome, Bobby Ferguson's ex-girlfriend * Darlene Jefferson, sister of the ex-girlfriend * Josephine Johnson, sister of the ex-girlfriend * George Brown, who worked for Ferguson * FBI special agent Robert Beeckman * Ernest Johnson, a leader of the Community Coalition political action committee * Ahmad Chebbani, co-founder of the American Arab Chamber of Commerce * Jon Rutherford, Detroit businessman and homeless shelter owner Prosecution highlights The three sisters testified that defendant Bobby Ferguson directed them in 2004 to sign money orders, which added up to $3,400 each, paid to the order of the Kilpatrick for Mayor re-election campaign.

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