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Daily Press - Newport News, Va.
Author: MARK ST. JOHN ERICKSON Daily Press
Date: Apr 5, 2009
Start Page: G.3
Section: The Good Life
Abstract (Document Summary)

Similar kinds of qualities distinguish "Hornet Vespa Crabro," a large, enigmatic pen-and-ink drawing by Christopher Register of Rice, and "Alchemy Series: Altered," a drawing-covered ceramic vase by Vince Palacios of Illinois - both of which won honorable mentions as showcases for the simple yet arresting power of the artist's hand.

Titled "Hares, multiplying like rabbits, while waiting for the Tortoise," this outlandish sextet of surreal figures mixes and matches human faces, hands and feet with rabbit ears, tails and other parts in ways that don't reflect well on our species. And though the exact moral of this allegorical bestiary is unknown, it's hard not to wince as you peer into their empty eyes and try to find some meaning.

Images (color) courtesy of the artists; "Microcosm," by Ohio artist [Art Werger], won best in show at the 19th annual Mid-Atlantic Art Exhibition at d'Art Center in Norfolk. It is one of 61 works on view through April 17."Morgan Remained Dry After the Rain," by Norfolk artist Amanda Outcault, won the Alfred Bernard Award for best use of medium."Alchemy Series: Alterek," by Illinois artist Vince Palacios, won an honorable mention award.

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