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[FINAL Edition]
Daily Press - Newport News, Va.
Author: SAM MCDONALD Daily Press
Date: Apr 13, 2007
Start Page: D.10
Section: Weekend Ticket
Abstract (Document Summary)

The tag "countrypolitan" is often used to describe the band's style, but it's not exactly on target. Hem, which plays the Attucks Theatre in Norfolk Saturday, creates a musical vibe that's not so easy to pin down. Even the band's name, taken from a line in the band's song "Lazy Eye," is intentionally vague and open-ended.

"Countrypolitan is really something we played around with on 'Eveningland,' (Hem's 2004 album), the full orchestra with the sort of country frontman," singer Sally Ellyson told New York Magazine. "But it's not definitive of Hem as a band." Pianist and bandleader Dan Messe chimed in on the same subject. "We've always loved countrypolitan artists like Ray Charles and Glen Campbell, and they'll always affect our sound, but no more than Disney movies or blues or Aaron Copland."

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