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[Final Edition]
Daily Press - Newport News, Va.
Author: Stephanie Heinatz | 247-7821
Date: May 11, 2006
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Section: A-section
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Reached via his e-mail address Wednesday, [Jack J. Catton Jr.] said, "I am not at liberty to comment." He told The Washington Post last week that he sent the e-mail while traveling. In his e-mail Wednesday, Catton said he spoke to the Post before the investigation began.

The original message had been forwarded, and a copy went to Mikey Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. "He could have sent out bicycle messengers or smoke signals, and it still would have been inappropriate," said Weinstein, who forwarded Catton's e-mail to the Daily Press.

Weinstein, who was enrolled at the academy with Catton and [Bentley Rayburn], is suing the Air Force for violating its cadets' constitutional rights.

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