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[Final Edition]
Daily Press - Newport News, Va.
Author: A.J. PLUNKETT Daily Press
Date: Aug 4, 1994
Start Page: C.1
Section: Local
Abstract (Document Summary)

[Robert M. Walker] told the troops that the 7th Group's mission to set up port operations was the first step in establishing an important land bridge over which thousands of tons of food, water and other relief can reach the sick and dying in and around Rwanda.

As the C-5 cargo plane loaded with soldiers revved up its engines to leave about 9 p.m., Walker said he was proud of the 7th Group's ability to deploy on a moment's notice. Navy sailors often deploy for long periods, but they usually know about it ahead of time and can prepare themselves and their families, Walker said.

Staff photo (color) by KENNETH SILVER Army Specialists Sharon Denny, left, and Arrah Cartner, both of Newport News, pet Chen-Chen, the pekingese mascot of the USO. Both soldiers are watercraft operators stationed at Fort Eustis. Staff photos (b&w) by KENNETH SILVER Above: Sgt. Roy Miller Jr. drapes his arms around his wife, Ruta, as the hulking C-5A/B Galaxy waits Wednesday evening to whisk him from Langley Air Force Base to Germany and then Africa. Playing at their feet is their son, William, 4. Right: Assistant Secretary of the Army Robert M. Walker talks with troops after his speech. (Photos ran C2.)

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