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[Final Edition]
Daily Press - Newport News, Va.
Date: Mar 28, 1992
Start Page: D.2
Section: Lifestyles
Abstract (Document Summary)

Bonded slaves were mentioned in the February/March publication of Pleasant Living, a magazine published in White Stone, Va. In 1927, it states, Hammond Morris, a black merchant in Williamsburg, met with Dr. W.A.R. Goodwin's committee for the restoration of Williamsburg. There, Morris said, "My daddy's direct ancestor was a free man with 25 acres of his own. He was master of the bonded slaves at Westover Plantation and was reputed to have been a good, firm, but fair man."

Upon declaration of the English government that convict deportation was for "improvement and well peopling of the Colonies," Benjamin Franklin published a retort in a 1751 Pennsylvania Gazette, included in [Peter Wilson Coldham]'s book. Franklin offered a fair-trade policy: thousands of rattlesnakes in the colonies could be rounded up and transported to Britain. "There I would propose to have them carefully distributed in ... the gardens of Prime Ministers, the Lords of Trade and Members of Parliament, for to them we are most particularly obliged."

"The Complete Book of Emigrants, Vol. I, 1607-1660": 600 pages ($29.95), and the companion "Vol. II, 1661-1699"; 900 pages ($49.95). Not confined to servants; gives names of emigrants from every accessible source in England's archives (indexed), with all information available on dates, port of embarkation, occupation, residence, destination, name of ship and the captain. For indentured servants the length of service is given, name of master in the colony, date of decease of many.

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