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Hartford Courant - Hartford, Conn.
Date: Nov 14, 2002
Start Page: D.3
Section: LIFE
Abstract (Document Summary)

A brawny security robot that looks like a dinosaur, barks like a dog, detects fires and protects a home from intruders goes on sale next year in Japan for $8,200. The four-legged Banryu, cuddly in a prehistoric kind of way, is more than 3 feet long, weighs 88 pounds and can move almost 50 feet a minute. Banryu, which means "guard dragon" in Japanese, can be controlled via cellphone when its owner/ master is away. The robot also can relay images of a house via micro- camera. Banryu has an infrared sensor, a sonic sensor and temperature sensor. If it detects an intruder, it approaches him and barks. So far, no bite. Sanyo, which developed the Banyru with robotics firm Tmsuk, plans to sell 50 robots next spring.

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