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Hartford Courant - Hartford, Conn.
Date: Dec 9, 2001
Start Page: 10
Abstract (Document Summary)

In the format of an aging 1888 scrapbook, the immortal ballad of [Ernest Lawrence Thayer] finds new life through [Christopher Bing]'s innovative treatment. Pen and ink scratchboard "engravings" are seamlessly blended with memorabilia and trompe l'oeil recreations in an homage to the great American pastime. Caldecott Honor Book.

Set in the historical framework of the 18th century, "The Longitude Prize" chronicles the invention of a seagoing clock by John Harrison and the surrounding scientific, economic and political activity of 18th-century Great Britain. Petricic's black-and-white illustrations chart with levity Harrison's drive to solve the longitude problem with his clocks and his struggle to receive recognition for his ultimate achievement. Sibert Honor Book.

Cartoonist Winick tells the true story of his friendship with AIDS- educator Pedro Zamora in a graphic-novel format. Important lessons are presented in a style friendly to young teens. Learning from the friend he met on MTV's "The Real World," Winick continues Pedro's work even after his death. Sibert Honor Book.

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