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Hartford Courant - Hartford, Conn.
Author: Daley, David||||||Courant Staff Writer
Date: Feb 11, 1999
Start Page: 34
Abstract (Document Summary)

When Matt Drudge ran with rumored reports of DNA testing to determine whether Bill Clinton fathered a child with a black Arkansas prostitute, Jonathan Bourne and Rogers Cadenhead could barely contain their glee. Usually they wait until a Drudge Report exclusive is debunked before poking fun at him on their "Drudge Retort" parody site. This time, they immediately posted a scoop of their own.

If the most gullible bite on Bourne and Cadenhead's Drudge spoofs, it's not hard to understand why. They designed their page to look almost identical to Drudge's -- the same style of type, the same rows of links to other journalists and columnists, the same screaming, sensational headlines trumpeting world exclusives. Only Bourne and Cadenhead use a yellow background -- their not-so-subtle way of tarring Drudge as a yellow journalist.

And they landed the very Web address that most people would probably first head for when looking for the Drudge Report. Drudge's real site is Bourne and Cadenhead scored last July -- a Web address that Drudge mysteriously didn't register for himself. Bourne, a Los Angeles comedian who contributes jokes to Jay Leno's monologue, and Cadenhead, a Florida journalist and Web designer, couldn't resist parodying the fedora- capped cyber-journalist.

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