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[5/6/7 SPORTS FINAL Edition]
Hartford Courant - Hartford, Conn.
Author: Catlin, Roger||||||Courant Rock Critic
Date: Jun 4, 2000
Start Page: B.5
Abstract (Document Summary)

It may have been the first new group of 2000, but Eiffel 65 looks like something out of an old "Sprockets" sketch. One of them, Gabry Ponte, stands in front of turntables and only occasionally fiddles with them. Maurizio Lobina, introduced as "the musician of the group," stands at a keyboard and reiterates the simple melody lines. And Jeffrey Jey stands up front and sings. All wear identical black pants and Eiffel 65 T-shirts.

One variation on "Jump" borrowed from both Van Halen's "Jump" and House of Pain's "Jump Around." "Your Clown" sounded like a re- creation of Depeche Mode. But the pauses for karate demonstrations and threesome clapping made Eiffel 65 look like the nuttiest dance group since Milli Vanilli's tape broke at Lake Compounce.

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