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[STATEWIDE Edition 1]
Hartford Courant - Hartford, Conn.
Author: Catlin, Roger||||||Courant Staff Writer
Date: Jun 9, 1998
Start Page: A.4
Section: TOWN NEWS
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The Yanni phenomenon is a weird thing. Especially when you realize he doesn't really have to be there at all. He'll be the first to tell you that he doesn't excel at the keyboards. He rarely solos and most of the time you can't even hear him.

With such a huge symphony on stage, it's odd that Yanni seeks to double what they're doing on synthesizer, on which he probably wrote all these songs. It's better when he's on grand piano, tinkling out some melody fleshed out by the band, as on "Nightingale," which might be the closest thing he has to a pop song, except for "Love is All," which actually has lyrics sung lustily by Vann Johnson. Both are on "Tribute," the latest album from which all but two songs were played.

After a wave and an encore of "Reflections of Passon" and "Santorini," Yanni waved and ran off.

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