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Hartford Courant - Hartford, Conn.
Author: McClurg, Jocelyn||||||Courant Columnist
Date: Aug 7, 1994
Start Page: G.3
Section: ARTS
Abstract (Document Summary)

Now [Krishna Sondhi] has decided to expand and broaden Kumarian's appeal by creating a new line of global-affairs books for the general reader and undergraduates. Called "Kumarian Press Books for a World That Works," the line is being officially launched with three original paperback titles that will be in bookstores this fall.

so she decided to go into publishing, "knowing not a thing about it." In the early days, her husband (a Kumarian vice president and co-founder) and their colleagues wrote books for the press, usually training and management books for professionals and other titles related to developing countries. Kumarian has grown over the years, but books geared toward academics and professionals, such as those who work for the Peace Corps, the United Nations and Save the Children, remain the company's "bread and butter," Sondhi says. These books have titles like "The Challenge of Famine: Recent Experience, Lessons Learned" and "Getting to the 21st Century: Voluntary Action and the Global Agenda."

Sondhi says Kumarian (the name is a melding of Sondhi's middle name, Kumari, and her husband's first name) is not a political press. If asked to describe her politics, she says "center, with a leaning to the left." She believes, she says, in "people-centered development."

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